VMS Professionals Chicago

February 2017 Chicago Meeting

The 2017 kick-off meeting for VMS Professionals Chicago will be held Thursday, February 9th from 9:00 AM to 12:00PM at Motorola Solutions, Inc., 500 West Monroe St. 39th Floor, Chicago, IL.

  • Topics:
    • 2017 Program Plans: What are members planning to implement within their programs? (labor categories, strategies, tools, etc.)
    • Reporting: What are the most important reports you use to manage your program industry data? What trends do you watch and what are good resources for other members to consider?
    • Best Practices Discussion: We will leave time to discuss anything that is top of mind for attendees.
  • You must be pre-registered and have a picture ID to gain entrance to the meeting
  • RSVP: kwilson@makecor.com or cynthia.moore@allstate.com
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