August 2018 Meeting

When: Thursday, August 16th 9:00AM to 12:00PM
Where: Gallagher
2850 W. Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


  • Staff Aug and SOW Workflows
    Which processes are the same and which are different?
    Who manages each?
    How is information shared between the groups overseeing Staff Aug and SOW?
    Examples of successful strategies
  • Diversity Goals
    Who has them?
    How are they tracked?
  • Increasing Diversity Spend
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
    Bring your table of contents and discuss how these items work in your program
  • APAC Expansion and the Role of the MSP (or Procurement or HR)
  • Utilization of Freelance Marketing Systems: use, experience, buy-in
  • Direct Sourcing
    Are you planning on doing this in 2018/2019?
    Buy-in with management
    Who qualifies candidates?
  • Other topics as defined by attendees
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