August 2021 Meeting

Team Structure:

  • How many are on your program team?
  • How many jobs does each team support?
  • Which labor categories does your team support?
  • How has your team structure changed and why?


Market Discussion

  • How are you competing for talent in a tight labor market?
  • What trends are you seeing? More candidates interested in converting to full time roles or less candidates interested in converting to full time roles? Candidates wanting to be remote or not be remote, etc.?
  • Market Rates: How are you doing rate comparisons for SOW vs Staff Aug? Are you using market rates to help managers understand how to better leverage different locations and different solutions?


QBR Structures

  • What information are you sharing during QBRs?
  • What information are you seeking during QBRs?
  • Are you getting all of your vendors together to share feedback?
  • Has anyone done a survey or engaged all vendors in some other way to share program feedback?


Offshore Market Rates: 

  • Where do you get your data?