October 2020 Virtual Meeting

  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives:
    • What strategies are you focused on?
    • Diversity of the Candidate: Is anyone tracking this? How? What are the risks?
  • What Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool are you using and what is your experience? Is it linked to your VMS in any way?
  • Continued discussion from the last meeting around exposure to Covid-19 and liability at the company level
  • Thoughts on number of contracting resources needed to sustain a VMS system
  • What is the difference between Human Cloud, direct sourcing and online staffing? Who is using each? How are you approaching it?
  • Does anyone have an intern program as a component of their contingent labor program (MSP managed)? If so, would you mind sharing any insight as to how that is set up?
  • Decision Tree: Is anyone using a decision tree in their tool and is it helping to drive the right behaviors?
  • Other topics as defined by the members

RSVP Required:¬†Cynthia Moore ([email protected]) or Karen Wilson ([email protected])